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earth inspired

Piedalu™ is an independent brand inspired by the rich cultural influences that shape California's style. More than just a brand, it symbolizes our passion for art, nature, and commitment to sustainability.
Fragrance oil bottles

safe Fragrance

beautifully scented, clean burn

safe fragrance

From the beginning, our aim was to create great-smelling candles that are safe to use. We assumed the best way to achieve this was to use only natural ingredients and essential oils. But we quickly learned that just because something is labeled "natural" doesn't necessarily mean it's safe to use in candle production. And that some natural ingredients can actually emit harmful chemicals when burned. It didn't take long before we made the shift towards fragrances synthesized in laboratories known as "safe synthetics.” These fragrances are designed to mimic the scent of natural elements when it's impractical to obtain or extract essential oils from the actual botanical sources, not to mention have a better scent throw than essential oils. Using safe synthetics removes most allergens that naturally occur in aromatic oils derived from botanical or plant sources. We've infused our candles with a 12.5 safe synthetic fragrance load to ensure an optimal hot throw.

tulum candle with handwrapping

hand wrapped

Your Piedalu candle will arrive hand wrapped. Perfect for giving back to yourself, or gifting to someone you love.

Stack of piedalu candle labels with a used palo santo stick in a dish on top of the stack

plant based wax

We use coconut wax for fuel because of the many advantages over other waxes used in candles today. For starters, coconuts are a renewable resource and readily available. And, when burned, coconut wax produces very little soot or smoke. Even better, it has a lower melting point that promotes a longer burn time and offers a far better scent throw to soy and paraffin waxes.

renewed life

after the final flicker

With reuse in mind, we imagine the vessel finding a new purpose as a succulent planter, a unique home decor piece, or a phat storage solution for your fat Sharpies! By giving it a second life through repurposing, you’re not only extending the life of your purchase but promoting sustainability.
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responsible sourcing

We prioritize local suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability and are transparent about their environmental practices. We make a conscious effort to reduce packaging waste by utilizing both recyclable and biodegradable materials.

primary packaging

we use tissue paper as a sustainable, lightweight, and eco-friendly alternative that helps reduce shipping costs and environmental impact.

secondary packaging

our shippers are made of recycled and recyclable corrugated paperboard with minimal printing. we use recycled and recyclable materials to pack and protect our candles in shipping. any instance of bubble wrap or materials other than paper are repurposed from shipments we've received in the past and used only when necessary.

label material

we print on 100% recyclable paper that is FSC® certified and produced with materials that come from responsibly managed forests.

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label printing

our labels are printed digitally which means less energy was used in production and less waste produced, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint.

clear glass candle vessels

our candle vessels are made of 90% recycled glass and are 100% recyclable and reusable.